Scott Blajszczak

Team Player. Relaxed. Systematic.

I have more than a decade of experience in the disciplines of Event Production / Management, Graphic Design, and Hospitality. From this wealth of seemingly unrelated skillsets emerges an ideal support for this eclectic team. In 2016 I returned to school to pursue a degree in Computer Science with a focus on application development and end-user engagement products. When I’m not serving as “last eyes” for marketing documents, booking emergency reservations, or making sure the checks get to the bank, I can be found at home studying Python, C, or other programming languages; or zoning out behind my turntables; or organizing another “destination yoga” event for FLOAT yoga; or “pwning newbs” (defeating unskilled opponents from across the globe in 5 player vs 5 player online team based games) in the eSports SMITE or League of Legends. I enjoy applying my skills for JKLA both in the office and field, and revel in the good work that the company does for the people of WNY.

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Bryant & Stratton, 1998
Associate of Applied Science – Microcomputer Systems Management

My most memorable project at JKLA is the Erie County Tribute Garden (ECTG).  From the first time I heard Joy speak of the ECTG, I was immediately attracted to it.  A tribute to those affected by domestic violence (DV), this perpetual memorial rings clear as a clarion call by the voices of the victims and survivors of DV.  The project takes into account the raw emotion of a DV victim, and as such, envelops the user of the space in a reassuring hug of gentle curves with wide open spaces and sightlines that lead the wandering eye past the site’s focal elements to rest upon the serenity of the mighty Niagara River that flows undaunted, protecting it from behind.  More so than the story of the Tribute Garden’s creation, the story of its existence is of particular import to me.  Few know that, since its creation, the site has been the object of banal defacement and needless destruction… yet after every senseless act, the caretakers of the site do not bat an eyelash as they quietly and patiently pick up the pieces and build it up again.