About Us

We do land differently.

Focusing on the human experience.

At Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect, PC, we transform landscapes by focusing on community stories and the human experience. Since 2003, our award-winning, full-service firm has creatively engaged communities to integrate natural systems and people’s needs. Our innovative PLAYCE methodology fosters collaboration, ensuring enduring, impactful spaces that reflect collective visions and support long-term success. We are proudly certified as a WBE and DBE firm.

Landscape Architecture

We believe every landscape in every community has a story. We believe the core of landscape architecture is about truly understanding that story.

Since 2003 the work of Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect, PC has focused on the human experience in the landscape. Creatively engaging with the community during the critical stage of site analysis allows each community and each place to discover their story and set in motion the future story through the design process. Our work includes community vision planning, long term facility planning and developing community strategies for implementation.

We understand the natural systems of the land, the patterns of people and development of communities. JKLA gracefully and artfully integrates them to create enduring places.

Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect, PC is an award winning full service landscape architecture office with licenses in New York State and Massachusetts. Whether as a prime consultant or as a sub-consultant our team has collective experience of more than 50 years creating high quality construction documents and detailing for projects ranging from education and healthcare to transportation and park systems.

We are also a certified WBE and DBE firm in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Landscapes that are carefully planned, designed and properly installed endure.

Thoughtful and thorough construction oversight ensures project success and community commitment. Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect, PC is involved in the construction administration for every project we design including materials and specification reviews and on-site observation. Additionally, JKLA can provide third-party construction observation and inspection services.


PLAYCE is our placemaking methodology that integrates traditional public engagement techniques with team building and organizational development principles utilizing the power of play to build trust within a group, create consensus around an idea, and develop a strategy to move that idea forward.

JKLA’s PLAYCE approach to public engagement invites stakeholders to be collaborative problem solvers from the onset of the process by becoming active participants in site analysis. Stakeholders become project champions; ideas move to consensus sooner and concepts are tried on for size early, ensuring greater future success.